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Nursing is the best way to feed your baby and a great nursing cover is essential. Nursing can present some challenges when you are out in public or even at home when you have other children or are entertaining if you don't have the best nursing cover. The Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover, also called a Hooter Hider, sold at Baby Earth is the best way to cover up and feed your baby.



What makes this the best nursing cover? The Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover (also known as a Hooter Hider) has some unique features that makes it so great. This nursing cover has a rigid neck line to allow you to see your baby while they are nursing. There is also an adjustable neck strap so you can have a comfortable fit. Baby Earth carries lots of stylish and chic patterns so that you can look good too! Most importantly you can nurse and feel comfortable that your modesty is being protected. 


Some of the less obvious benefits of the Hooter Hider is it helps baby to be less distracted while nursing by blocking out some of the things going on around them. It is made of a lightweight material so it can be used to block the sun too. I would often wear my Hooter Hider while my baby slept in my arms or while I was carrying him in the snuggly. It helped to protect the baby from direct sun or wind.



Hooter Hiders are made in lots of different patterns so there is something for everyone. I prefer a more subtle pattern so that it doesn't stand out. Mine was white with eyelets on it. I would often be nursing and people had no idea. When my son was done and I would take him out they would be surprised. I think the subtle pattern just blended in and they didn't notice it at all. Others like something more fun and busy. You will find them priced between $35 and $40 based on the pattern.


I nursed 3 babies and my advice is to get two of the best nursing covers - hooter hider. You can keep one in your diaper bag and one in a public part of the house where you nurse. It also lets you wash it and never be without a clean hooter hider nursing cover ready to go!



Here are some examples of the different patterns available at Baby Earth. 

Simple by bebe au lait Organic Nursing Cover - Buttercup Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover - Fleur - PocketHooter Hiders Nursing Cover - Hot Dots

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I do think it's great to

I do think it's great to have something like a hooter hider on hand, especially if you are new to nursing in public, but I don't think it's essential. I could never use a nursing cover with my babies. They didn't like their heads covered, and it was more stressful (and I probably revealed much more boob) trying to get them latched on under all that fabric than if I had just quickly lifted up my shirt and latched them on, then let the shirt fall down to hide my nipple. I often used my ring sling to drape over the top of my breast so I was just as discreet as if I used a nursing cover. They are super cute and have such great fabrics, but they just didn't work for me. Although I do love your idea of using it to shade baby from the sun.

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