Encouraging Notes for your Kids

Monday, August 23, 2010 Submitted by Allison
With the start of school come backpacks and lunch boxes and they are both great opportunities to encourage our kids. How would you feel if you went to the grocery store and pulled out your list and coupons on right on top was a note from your husband saying. "Thanks for all the great meals you make. I appreciate it"? It would probably make your day, if not your week. Our kids are no different and they probably crave the encouragement just as much. There are many ways to encourage them but here are a few ideas.


Note on a napkin: You can easily write a note on their napkin every day. Just a "Love Mom" is all that's necessary. This is the most simple way to encourage them and can be done often.

Encouragement of the week:
Maybe one day a week (every Tuesday or another day they have weekly testing) you write them a note on an index card and put it in their backpack or lunchbox.


The big day: Give them a specific word of encouragement when they have a particularly big day like a mid-term or presentation. You can even do this on a little note card and put it in an envelope and put it in their backpack or lunchbox.

There are lots of things you can write on your encouragement cards. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


You studied hard and I'm proud of you
I love you and I'm proud to be your mom
Have a great day
I can't wait to do something fun this weekend
You make me so proud
Be confident. You are well prepared
I'm proud that you are working so hard
Look how far you have come
You are my shining star
All your hard work is paying off
Just do your best


Write your little notes on a label, napkin, colored index cards, note cards, and more. You can decorate it with some stickers, draw a smiley or heart, or even just leave it plain. You can do a few cards at a time so they are ready to add to their backpack or lunch box easily.


Take some time this year to encourage your kids. You are their #1 fan and they need to know it.

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Thanks for the site, laides!

Thanks for the site, laides! Love it! What a great idea. Enjoyed your blog too!

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