11x14 School Days Mat Only

available in different mat colors

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slots for grades K - 12
high quality mat with calligraphy, cute poem 
senior picture goes in the middle
Double Mat Openings: (approx. 1.75"H x 1.5"W) 
Single Mat Openings: (approx. 2.25"H x 2"W) 

Photos of school days are treasures
Of a very special kind
And every time we see them
They bring wonderful memories to mind

As the years are passing swiftly by
There are so many things to recall,
Beginning with kindergarten -
When you were very small.

You are building a foundation
That you'll use your whole lifelong,
Enjoy these school days with all your heart
Too Soon they will be gone.

(Poem written by Helen Bush

Art & Verse copyright Laura Leiden Calligraphy)