Coco Key Water Resort

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Coco Key Water Resort is a beautiful 55,000 square foot indoor water park where it is always 84 degrees. It is attached to the Marriott Mount Laurel in New Jersey. My husband and I took our three children ages 5, 3, and 1 there for a little getaway and some serious family fun. We were not disappointed. We stayed two night at the Marriott Mount Laurel that was attached to the water resort. We had blast!


There is plenty to do for children of all ages. I would say elementary age children and under would have the most fun here, although I have to admit I had a lot of fun on the water slides myself. Let me show you around and tell you about all Coco Key has to offer.

 Parrots Perch


Parrot's Perch is a large interactive play area that is 1 foot deep at its deepest part. The kids had a blast running all over this large playground type structure. There were three different slides that came off of here and every so often a hug bucket on the top would dump hundreds of gallons of water over the whole area. Here is another view from the back.

Parrot Perch Back


The Dip-in Theater was perfect for little swimmers. It was also 1 foot deep and had a pirate ship with a movie showing on the sail, although you couldn't really hear it. They also had little water slides that came out of the ship. For younger children who can't walk they have little seats the kids can sit in and jump and splash in the water. 

Dip In                          Infant Carosel


They also had a small lazy river, a water basket ball court, 3 water slides, and an indoor/outdoor hot tub for adults only. If you want to have lunch or something to drink they have a Pizza Hut Express and a A&W that serves pizza, hamburgers, chicken fingers, and more. The bar serves beer, tropical drinks, and bar food such as wings and mozzarella sticks.




What do some other moms have to say about Coco Key Water Resort?

Joanne from Toms River, New Jersey was there with her family of 2 - 2 year olds and a 6 year old. "They have a lot of fun here even though the stay in just one area"

Crystal from Toms River, New Jersey was visiting with her 4 and 9 year old. She said, " I love that there is something for both of them. They can play all day and have lots of fun with areas that are perfect for their age."


That is what we found too! With children from 20 months through 5 1/2 it was great that each of them had fun things to do. They all loved to play in the Dip-in Theater but the older ones also loved the lazy river, Parrots Perch, and the water slides.


The level of safety was fantastic as well. There were lots of lifeguards around and they were always attentive to the kids. They also provide life preservers free of charge if you want to use one for your child.


If you are looking for a warm winter getaway then I recommend Coco Key Water Resort . Stay at the hotel for one night and enjoy 2 full days at the water park (4 admissions to water park were included with the room) They are located in many cities across the US. Check out their website for more information. 


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